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World Events information channel

World Events - Information Channel

A compact news, events and information channel compiled by Schoolbacs using Plus! for Site

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The Schoolbacs World events information channel features current information on a wide variety of general interest events taking place in and around the UK, plus significant European and International events that have strong following or high interest levels for UK consumers.

This channel is available as an RSS feed that you can subscribe to and include in your own website if you wish. This guarantees you date/time relevant content on your own website but without the need to compile the extensive events database behind the channel - we take care of that for you.

Typical uses:

  • A starting point for your own news service created using Plus! for Site, ensuring that your own feed has date relevant content even when you have no news of your own.
  • A useful reference source of information when planning your own events, to help highlight and avoid potential clashes with larger events on the World stage.
  • A daily reminder of current headline events.

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