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Training Services

Training Services

Technology briefing sessions

Get more from software you already own

We provide training on Microsoft products, VoIP and more

Group or one-to-one training sessions typically generate one of the largest returns on investment, measured in improved business performance, because new skills learned and more efficient ways of working will get used over and over again. Where we differ from most companies offering ICT services, is that we bring experience of managing real business operations to understand the problems that you are trying to solve.

Here are a few example areas to illustrate our areas of expertise:

Technology Briefing

Smarter business decisions are made with better understanding.

With access to professionally trained presenters and fully qualified teachers, we have the expertise and experience to offer technology briefings that will demystify complex topics around IT, internet and telecoms in language that you can understand.

Technology briefings are aimed at senior management level and summarise both breadth and depth of knowledge in key emerging areas like web services, XML, Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, unified messaging, RFID (aka radio barcodes) etc. We are vendor neutral, so speak from an independent perspective.

Group or one-to-one sessions can be arranged.

Use Microsoft Office to its full potential

We are a Microsoft Partner organisation with access to extensive Microsoft resources to help you gain the maximum benefit from your investment in Microsoft products.

Even a little training can help most users find better ways to approach their most common tasks with Microsoft Office products and achieve our goal to enable you to Work smarter - Make the difference


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