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Teamwork promotion

School management software made easy...
for Heads, teachers and parents

Modular, internet based, school management system for 50 to 1000+ pupils

Innovative ideas to help Heads and teachers:

  • You don’t have to fit the solution, the solution fits you.
  • You have the data where you want, when you want.
  • Plus! for Schools was designed from a teacher’s point of view.

Achieve a smoother running, more efficient school:

  • Your data is up-to-date, always.
  • Your data can be made available to peripatetic or part-time teachers at no extra cost.
  • You can be up and running in a week.

Teamwork between Head, teachers, admin and parents:

  • Everyone is working with the same data.
  • The Parent Portal allows parents to become part of the conversation.
  • The data isn’t hidden in the school office.

… and don’t forget we offer free training, updates and support…

Plus for Schools modules

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